Sunday, February 18, 2007

Africa and Homeschooling

Something beautiful happened this week. In the course of helping my homeschooled son, Zack, work on his Africa project I discovered Twenty-four hours a day of a water hole and surrounding landscape in eastern South Africa. I am addicted! I visit day and night, checking in with my waterhole. I say MY waterhole. Across an ocean and a continent, a part of my consciousness goes and finds a home with the wildebeests and zebras and monkeys. I love the single tree with its reflection-self at night. Watching it is peaceful and meditative. The night noises are amazing even though I see few signs of life except for the occasional bug zipping past through the spotlight that illuminates the waterhole at night. The boys and I sit here on icy Connecticut winter mornings and visit the warm African dusk. We have loved the herds of creatures moving through but the best so far was the morning we saw the elephant. He wandered in from the left of the screen. The attentive camera operator adjusted for a great view. Big ears flapping slowly and rhythmically the elephant wandered down to the water to drink and spray. It was not at all like seeing an elephant in a zoo or in a wildlife film . In those moments it was OUR elephant! We waited and watched and finally he came, did his thing, and walked away. I see beauty in the technology that allows me to sit with my boys and connect with a waterhole in Hluvukani , South Africa.


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