Friday, May 28, 2010

Grammy's Birthday

Today is the day my great grandmother, Grammy Stevens, was born in 1878. Edna Seward Stevens raised five sons including my grandfather. Going through old photos made me cry and smile and cry again. Because Grammy said it to her, my mom always said to us "I love you more than tongue can tell" and I say it to my own kids. When I was small I wondered who the heck Tuncantell was!

Grammy and Pop Stevens

The Shore House

Grammy Holding Me or My Sister

Grammy's View From The Porch

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010


We have seen a lot of bird action here this week. Birds (some kind of sparrow)that hatched in a wall of our house are learning to fly and their parents are very loud and nervous. I think we have a Baltimore Oriole nest hanging right where my husband needs to park his trailer. The other day I saw a flash of orange but thought I was hallucinating until we found the nest. A Great Blue Heron has visited the pond. We've seen the usual hawks, gulls and vultures. And speaking of birds, the chickens are huge. They perch at night to sleep now and look like miniature adults. It is hard to get a good picture of all of them together but I tried so can compare to their baby pictures. I think they'll be eight weeks old on Monday!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Thank You

Dear Mom,
Thank you for birthing me (back when they put you in la la land) and never complaining about the episiotomy scar made necessary by my huge head and the forceps (until I had my own scar and needed compassion)
For nursing me for six months even though others thought bottles were better
For being home with us even  though your friends thought you'd be bored
For letting me fall asleep draped on your back while you weeded the flower garden
For using bobby pins to make curls from my straight four-year-old hair--Magic!
For showing me how to bake bread and make butter
For the holiday cookie dough we shaped into JOY and PEACE
For making us an ice rink so we could be like Janet Lynn
For helping me change after I wet my pants on the walk to Kindergarten, and never making me feel bad that I was a bedwetter
For never making me your little doll
For realizing that my first grade teacher really was a witch. A real witch.
For rubbing my back to help me fall asleep
For teaching me to knit and sew and stack wood and pick beans
For growing amazing organic produce and canning it for winter
For fresh eggs and milk that you milked yourself from your own cow
For being devoted to the environment, recycling and avoiding toxins
For trips to the fabric store when I wanted to make my own pants or bikini
For helping me pick up a lost stitch (10 rows back) during dinner preparation
For getting me all those books from the library
For making me that amazing Greek Salad on my birthday.
For feeding my boyfriends
For showing me how to ride out storms of all kinds
For showing me how to appreciate the little things that others walk on by
For reading to us until we weighed more than you. Remember The Incredible Journey?
For your beautiful sketches and photographs and baby hats
For walking me down the "aisle" in that beautiful October field even though you were hurting
For making us a real home and being there
For giving me freedom
For understanding that I am an introvert because you are, too


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