Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eagle Cam

It is worth it to sit through the initial ad.

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Breastfeeding Baby Boy


Baby boy how I love you
your nose scrunched
your raised brows as you latch on and begin
to nurse, greedily.
Your little hands do a gentle dance,
fingers apart
coming to rest on a piece of fabric
and then off again like a slow motion
Milk flowing, your little mouth pumping
and pausing, pumping again,
in and out of dreams.
What it gentle place to be.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ideas...and How to Kill Them

Going through my old papers I found a handwritten journal entry from 2003 entitled How To Kill An Idea which I have typed here in its imperfect and unedited form:

First, have an idea!
Become guardedly excited. Invest fantasy time, make notes and mention to a few close friends/relatives.
Follow with "the big stomp" by seconds, minutes, days, weeks.
Repeat these words... can't do it – already been done
not a great idea
no audience
not "enough, big, good, exciting, marketable"
I'm not an expert
I'm not an intellectual
no publisher, no way
not actually that great an idea after all (stop, grind into the dirt)
Idea is empty. Not an idea at all.
Negate negate negate……
Place in past tense
I had an idea but….Then….
Pretty soon – all gone! Like children never born, hardly conceived
Question to self: why not birth these babies?????
 okay… But what about
fear of judgment by self and others
fear that the project is unworthy
any idiot can see it's unworthy
why did I waste my time who does she thinks she is what makes her think anyone would be interested??? End result ideas die.

If you have landed on my blog and actually read this far, promise yourself that you will begin to practice not killing your creative ideas.


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