Thursday, November 24, 2011


Okie rolled in deer poop this morning. I watched him from the bathroom window. He was ecstatic, thrashing and twisting, grinding that wonderful green-brown poo into his face and the thick hair of his neck, golden retriever feathers aglow in the sunshine. He was feeling thankful. Thank you wonderful yard for providing me with this amazing treat. This is so much better than the snapping turtle.

Normally I would freak out and yell for him to stop but this morning I just watched him. The damage was already done anyway. And dogs don't live that long. If he is lucky he'll find rollable poo just a few times a year.

I don't bathe Okie very often so I was surprised when he hopped right in the tub and let me lather him up. I remember carrying him outside with one arm when he was a baby. And the three years since then have gone by way too fast. Thank you for being our dog, Okie!


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